Redesign the way you think! Wellness blogger Stefan Miraglia Shows us through his personal journey Why we need to change and Gives us the tools to make it happen.Have you ever played an active part in the design of your mind? Do you spend time cultivating thoughts that bring you happiness?

For most of us the answer is no. Anxiety, depression and negative thinking are growing at record levels. We currently spend too much of our time working on our image, career, diet, and fitness – but not enough time on our minds. This book provides the insights and tools for you to create a positive mindset. It is time to take control of your happiness and redesign your mind. 

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Remember that a portion of every sale will be donated to mental health organisations, helping end the stigma of mental health and helping future generations with positive mental health. If your country is not listed, please contact me to receive a unique link to purchase the book.

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What a fantastic book/resource for the teachers and principals of today! We highly recommend!

Michael Van Ho

Education Web Solutions

Creates awareness of the important things in life, then understanding and being grateful for wherever that takes you

Daniel Menzel

AFL Footballer & MTMF Founder

This book is amazing because it talks us through challenges like anxiety and depression

Dr Katherine Hunt

Lecturer, PhD BPyschSc BCom BFin


Redesign your mind

Redesign your mind is  amazing and very easy to read and implement. Purchase it today, change your mind tomorrow.

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